i check my email too much?

we were talking in my CI class about personality profiling as an analytical technique for competitive intelligence.

the discussion made me wonder if pychometric instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will ever require additional or modified archetypes. will they become dated as humans evolve? or is the evolution in the act: has obsessive email checking come from list-making?

i searched for a study on email checking behaviour, but had to settle for this abstract of “A cognitive theory of compulsive checking” from UBC’s psych department which theorizes on compulsive checking in general.

how often do normal people check their email? what if you live online? eek! 

i think my email checking philosophy is to keep my inbox empty at most times (but then i created this “later” folder which i strongly advise against, man).

ok your turn.


2 thoughts on “i check my email too much?

  1. inspiredlibraryschoolstudent says:

    Jan, I think you may not have much success learning about “normal” people by posing your questions to the blogiverse. I leave my computer on most of the time when I’m at home and awake, and I leave the volume on my speakers turned up so I can hear my email notifier even if I’m in the next room. I find the most unpleasant part of taking the train home to Toronto is not being able to check my email for 4-5 hours (though once I have a little money I’ll probably just pay for the onboard Wi-Fi). But as for normal people, I can’t help you there.

  2. Hi Jan;

    Did you see the article in the New York Times – I need a virtual break? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/02/fashion/02sabbath.html?_r=1&ex=1362114000&en=853923d02e399ac3&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss&oref=slogin

    Funny how in the article it talks about taking a break over the weeknd, when the break was only 24 hours long… I thought weekends were 2 days long… at least before I started school!

    For me taking the train is my sanctuary away from technology where I can begin to think things through. I am one of those people who keeps the laptop near my bed. I really think I should break that habit.

    🙂 K.

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