the great people’s library in Pyongyang is in the middle of another webisode of  The Vice Guide to Travel: The Vice Guide to North Korea.

The Vice travel doods bribed some other doods in Shenyang, China to get in.

Episode 10 (The People’s Study House)  is about The Great People’s Library in Pyongyang. They film walking through massive  empty hallways and large empty rooms with reading desks. The “professor” (reference librarian, i guess) gives “correct answers immediately”. They have a “modern music library” that was enormous and completely empty (with ghetto blasters on each table and rows of old school tvs from the 80s)

i lived in south korea for a few years so i’m quite fascinated by the north. can’t believe they got in! in episode 11, their guard is starting to get less patient with their filming (which i find remarkable that they got away with at all! yikes!)


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