i was beginning to think we lost our minds

*jan breathes a huge sigh of relief*

Earlier this month, the Canadian Book Exchange Centre (CBEC) announced its closure set for June 30 2008. I felt pretty disillusioned trying to balance my feelings for preservation and electronic access/new technologies. I’m just as much a cybrarian as the next newbie librarian, but I appreciate the importance of preserving our print and I can’t help but feel that we’re going to regret the culling of print that is happening all over the world–not the act of de-selecting itself (necessary for space, cost, etc.), but the lack of foresight for preserving it.

Enter: The British Library! Thankfully, they’re pulling through in the preservation of their less-circulated print and a/v materials. Rather than recycling it or giving it away willy nilly, they’ve built this warehouse to house it appropriately for future generations of Earth.

*hi 5* BL!

well done, man


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