ask nuna nishi project update

Week four of free reference service on Facebook and things are going well:

  • week one: 4 questions, 3 patrons, 8 friends on Aug3
  • week two: 5 questions, 3 patrons, 47 friends on Aug10
  • week three: 4 questions, 4 patrons, 1 anonymous, 56 friends on Aug17

Patron types:

  • message-writers: anonymous questions = 1
  • wall-writers: non-anonymous questions = 12
  • regulars: returning patrons who have used the service more than once = 4

Question types:

  • directional: asking for a recommended place to go (virtual or otherwise) = 0
  • ready-ref: factual questions; closed-ended questions = 8
  • research: recommended resources; open-ended questions; starting points to further info = 4
  • reader’s advisory: recommended reading materials = 1

Noteworthy observation: A user read a question on the wall and provided their knowledge as an anonymous answer–an excellent contribution that was cross-referenced and added to the final answer given to the wall-writing patron.


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