Knowledge Ontario at the OLA Super Conference 2009

The OLA Super Conference 2009 took place from January 28 to January 31. Knowledge Ontario presented the following sessions:

• Thurs Jan 29, 12:15-1pm askON Poster Session, “Virtually Yours, Virtually Ours

• Thurs Jan 29, 3:45-5pm #603: “The Chat Continues: The Changing Face of Ontario’s Virtual Reference Service

• Fri Jan 30, 9:05-10:20am #1004: “Taking it to the Streets: Knowledge Ontario in Action in Ontario Libraries

• Fri Jan 30, 2:10-3:25pm #1204: “Grounding the Vision: Future Plans for Knowledge Ontario

We had overwhelming interest in our projects at our KO booth. Thank you to all who stopped by to learn about Knowledge Ontario’s Ask Ontario, Our Ontario, Resource Ontario, Connect Ontario, and Learn Ontario. It was a pleasure meeting you and it’s an absolute pleasure to work for KO.


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