fixing virtual reference

If you follow virtual reference blogs or sit on any library info-related listservs, you may have encountered discussion on the article entitled “Let’s Fix Virtual Reference” By Eric Zino in Library Journal. Here is a summary of Zino’s key points:

*Zino frequents virtual reference services of all sorts and relays that he often doesn’t get a reference interview.

*He refers to an experience where a librarian sent him to several different web sites which did not fulfill his information need and suggested that this librarian was merely “acting like a computer”. This “Google-like matching” is easily performed by the visitor and they’ve come to VR for something more.

*Quality of sources is another issue. Zino relays experiences of receiving sources solely from the open internet instead of library materials which the visitor has access to or a combination of both.

*Zino observes that some librarians are “acting more eager than these customers to end the transaction”. He would like to see a stronger focus on customer service since the “experience of the end user is going to be our best marketing device at the end of the day”.

*Lastly, Zino stresses that not enough VR providers have actually tried VR services.

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    2. “Is the virtual reference interview dead?” on page 13 of inCite Volume 29, Issue 12, December 2008


    2 thoughts on “fixing virtual reference

    1. Wow, I’m surprised at Eric Zino’s experiences. I’ve done VR in a couple different work places now and the training always made sure to cover the points Zino mentions and they are actually used (reference interview, time with patron, reliable sources).
      I wonder if there is a difference in the importance placed on those activities based on type of workplace or even staff buy-in?

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