facebook shenanigans push users to live less but communicate more

I’m observing the usual resistance with regards to the latest Facebook changes. The usual Facebook groups are circulating such as “Against Facebook’s New Layout and Terms of Agreement” and “Petition Against the “New Facebook””, etc. When Facebook makes changes, the reaction from its users is always worthy of observing for those of us interested in usability and best web practices.

This time around, I’ve started talking to my Facebook friends to get to the bottom of what bothers them the most when their Facebook world gets turned upside down and their reactions have inspired this blog post. One friend in particular has relayed that he hasn’t “recovered” since the “first time”. (Most of my friends and I have been on Facebook for long enough to see at least two major layout changes). This particular friend has revealed that since the first major change, he hasn’t developed his profile or spent a lot of time “living” in Facebook. Instead, he mainly uses it as a vehicle for communication–in particular the messaging feature has supplemented (and almost surpassed) his email communication with his friends.

So are we seeing Facebook users profile themselves less, but communicate with eachother more? or is has my friend just morphed into an archetype* that just communicates?

*such as the lurker, the troll, the voyeur, the exhibitionist, etc.


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