The Creative Age, the Innovation Economy, the Knowledge Economy…whatever you wanna call it, here we are!

Here is The Agenda “Ontario’s Innovation Economy” from the Center for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo with John Wilkinson, Richard Florida, Sheila Block, and Jim Balsillie. Here are some ideas that are resonating with me:

• At 5:25: We are shifting from the industrial economy to the innovation economy (Florida)

• At 8:30: Serial entrepreneurialism (Wilkinson)

• At 12:32: now we’re moving to an economy powered by innovation, entrepreneurship, the human mind (Florida)

• At 13:20: we’ve got to make it work for everyone—not just an innovative elite (Florida)

• At 13:33: RIM’s success story (the Blackberry peops) (Balsillie)

• At 15:30: Creation of Ministry of Research and innovation was created four years ago for the future. (Wilkinson)

• At 12:30: Obama is trying to figure this out too: how do you create a social safety net for the creative age? (Florida)

• At 29:06: the skills to be successful yesterday are changing right now (Balsillie)

• At 29:30: in the 21stC, we have to understand the global world and have the global world understand us (Wilkinson)

• At 30:20: Innovation is just about taking great ideas and turning them into great jobs (Wilkinson)

• At 35:38: Florida talks about manufacturing.

• At 37:00: Factory jobs pay well, but aren’t necessarily great work (Florida)

• At 41:10: Question from the audience about innovation in a broader social sense

• At 41:37: Transforming ourselves to this green economy so that we can live sustainably on our planet. This brings job opportunities. (Wilkinson)

• At 43:00: We have to starting “doing” a little earlier. The smartest, most innovative kids were the kids I grew up with (Florida). They had that squelched out of them by school systems that couldn’t understand their creativity. (Florida)

Here is the report on “Ontario’s Opportunities in the Creative Age” By Roger Martin and Richard Florida

It used to be that we were what we owned or thought. Today, we are what we share! I leave you with this video entitled “we think

What do YOU think? (This blog post was originally written on Knowledge Ontario Ideas Ning. Feel free to join the conversation and contribute to Knowledge Ontario’s (and your own institution’s) future)


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