write an e-postcard for Knowledge Ontario

In this time of economic restraint, Knowledge Ontario must ensure that it can demonstrate the strongest possible case to potential funders of the value of its work. We can make the case that through its provincial partnerships and collaborations, KO services generate significant cost savings. Now we are documenting the value of the services to Ontarians.

While we have a compelling story to tell, the most powerful part of that story is you. That’s what gives us the ability to describe the hundreds of “on the ground” experiences that provide real and lasting impacts in the lives of people in communities across Ontario. We ask your help in telling the stories that demonstrate the value of our work and make it tangible to funders.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the KO postcard now.


2 thoughts on “write an e-postcard for Knowledge Ontario

  1. Just wanted to comment about the net neutrality issue below. It’s amazing how few young people, such as the college students I teach and sometimes write for, know about this issue, and I think they would be very concerned about it if informed. Thanks to this blog for passing the word on.

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