Presenting at OLA’s Super Conference 2010 was a blast!

It was also my first official time presenting at a major conference, which was very exciting!

On Wednesday, Kathryn Klages, Klara Maidenberg, and I presented a half-day preconference on “The 23 Skills and Habits of Great Virtual Reference Staff”. Sections consisted of: VR History Overview; askON Operations Overview; askON CALL Pilot Project Overview; RUSA; Inappropriate Behaviour; 23 Behaviours  which were interspersed with four interactive exercises.

On Thursday, Tim Ireland and I presented “Virtual Reference Voice…The Next Frontier” where I was able to report on some initial findings from our ongoing askON CALL pilot project.

The askON CALL pilot will continue through April where I’ll present final results at Computers in Libraries conference in Arlington Virginia on April 13, 2010. I’m SO excited about this because I’ve never been to CiL before and I will be able to “meat” the rest of my personal learning network of librarian rock stars who have been incredible supporters, mentors, and amazing virtual friends!


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