CiL session summary — Super Searcher Shares: Search Tips Spectacular

Presented by Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Services at

The Week meets YouTube. Human editors summarize the news. One-sentence summary.

2. Google Buzz:
Access via Gmail. Has Google stars. Rudimentary search. No date sort of results. Includes other social media sources.

Searches Google Buss plus other social media. Results are chronological. Limit by language.

Searches Yahoo Boss and Twitter. Ranks by FactRank and includes tweeted urls. SERP has facts, not extracts.

5. Technorati:
Authority search is GREAT! Search by blog title or post. Shows hottest posts in various channels.

Search tool for searching slide decks. Crawls through content in PPT pages. Search for words in the notes. Add-in lets you search while in PowerPoint.

7. World Govt Data:
Compiled by The Guardian. Focus on gov data sources US, UK, Australia, NZ. Downloadable data sets.

Like Wolfram|Alpha, but as a wiki. Now primarily Wikipedia content.

9. Twitter lists
Create and publish an RSS on your faves. Can see whose list a user is on. Like a “super follow”.

Spiders public Twitter lists. Find lists on a topic. ID experts.

Slide deck at


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