Digital Odyssey Snippets: Jason Griffey

It’s Griffey’s first time in Canada! Welcome!

  • stats…
    • 4.1 billion people have a cell phone
    • 2.4 billion people use cell phones for texting. texting is by far the most used communication method
  • trends…
    • most of these phones are currently¬† “dumb phones”
    • by 2011, most phones will be smart phones
    • Nokia largest global manufacturer of smartphones 2009
    • before the iPad launched in Canada, there were over 6000 already in use in Canada
    • Canada only has a 67% cell phone penetration rate, while Ireland has a 120% cell phone penetration rate. The US is at 91%
    • MIFI from Sprint and Verison. 3 credit cards thick. Be your own portable hot spot. About $100 in US.
    • Notionink (same peops that made XO “One laptop per Child” ) Cool screen technology for use in sun, etc.
    • Verizon is interested in working with Google and leveraging Chrome as a web based operating system
    • 2 million ipads sold in 60 days!
    • new iphone 4 has a gyroscope in it: to tell where in “space” it is.
  • future…
    • Gibson quote: “the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed”
    • in five years, the iphone is going to be “in cereal boxes”, so accessible
    • 4G technology = WiMax & LTE

      • 3G gets about 5MB/sec downloading

      • LTE STARTS at 100MB/sec “like walking around with an ethernet cord in your pocket”

    • flip scanning for books: 200 pages a minute by flipping through the book. researcher was asked where he saw it going, he said “it’s going to be a cell phone”. how does this change the library world? walk in, sit down, rip a book, walk out with it!
    • Google goggles: take a picture of something and Google figures out what it is you’re looking at by object recognition, then search, then results return. leverage this into the Google translation device: take a picture of a different language, and get a translation result. combine THAT with flip scanning! woah.
    • Clay Shirky: “technology doesn’t become socially interesting until it becomes technologically boring”
  • issues…
    • privacy, bien sur!
    • DRM (Digital Rights Management)

For more and for slides, etc.:


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