Vladamir Nabokov

D.D. Miller's Book Shelf

All eight of my Nabokov books.

I have seven books by Vladamir Nabokov in my fiction section and one (Speak, Memory–a memoir) in general non-fiction, all of which were purchased during a Nabokov-obsessed period in the early 2000s. All of my editions are pocket book editions and were purchased in the book-loving towns of Victoria and Sydney, British Columbia. I have the Viking Portable Nabokov Reader too, which includes essays and poetry as well as excerpts from novels and some short stories.

Lolita Crest Giant Edition Nabokov is best known for Lolita (1955), a masterpiece of a novel. Along with being extraordinarily written, it is nearly undefinable as a genre; it’s a road book, a melodrama, a comedy, a story of abuse that borders on horror and, of course, a first-person confessional with the most unreliable of unreliable narrators. One of the most remarkable things is that it was one of the first books he wrote in English…

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