Shelf Series Volume 2: Grace O’Connell

D.D. Miller's Book Shelf

Grace O’Connell’s novel Magnified World  (Random House 2012) lives on my fiction shelf, tucked between a couple of notorious Can Lit’ers. Canadian publisher, critic, and writer Hal Niedzviecki’s novel Ditch is on one side and Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero is on the other.

Magnified World CoverHER NOVEL

Magnified World is Grace’s first novel, published by Random House Canada in 2012 under its “New Faces of Fiction” imprint. In the novel, the protagonist Maggie begins to have unexplainable blackouts after her mother’s suicide. This eventually leads to an investigation of her mother’s past. But, of course, it’s about much more than that and not quite as straight forward as it sounds. It’s about grief at its heart, and the blackouts enhance that off-kilter, foggy feeling it causes.

But it’s also very much a novel about, or at least very much in, Toronto. The settings are so clearly Toronto and the people are beginning…

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